VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- City leaders are trying to take action against the opioid addiction crisis.

According to the Health Department, someone dies from an overdose in Virginia Beach every five days.

This year alone, 33 people have died from opioid overdoses in the city.

"It's an absolute tragedy to see some of these wonderful people get addicted to these awful drugs," said Mayor Will Sessoms.

On Tuesday night, the Department of Public Health held a detailed presentation with city council members during the work session on the actions that are being taken to help those struggling with addiction or haven't started.

"I think it gets down to education of younger people to stay away from it," Mayor Sessoms explained. "And to any age person to be careful when you get pain medication."

Earlier this month, three police officers responded to a possible overdose. After being inside the apartment, all three ended up in the hospital and were treated for possible exposure to Fentanyl, according to a search warrant.

The goal is to work on programs with people and law enforcement officers that benefit those struggling with addiction.

"We got a Federal Grant that will allow us to increase helping the people that are addicted to get them counciling for longer periods of time," Sessoms said.