RICHMOND, Va. (WVEC) -- The 55 members of the Virginia State Police Academy participated in a "Mannequin Challenge," while helping those in need in the community, Monday.

The 125th Basic Session produced the video while hosting a food drive at the state police academy in North Chesterfield County.

The food purchased for donation will go to local food banks and churches within the Blackstone area and Metro-Richmond communities for Thanksgiving. The trooper-trainees were buying the food when they decided to take the idea global.

Now the 125th Basic Session has challenged the Tennessee Highway Patrol Academy Class #1216 and Michigan State Police 131st and 132nd trooper recruit classes to take the "food drive mannequin challenge."

"Since our jobs as troopers are not only to enforce the laws of the Commonwealth, but also to be community caretakers, we decided to 'pay it forward' by helping our communities by providing them with all the trimmings of a full Thanksgiving meal," said Virginia State POlice 125th Basic Session President, Trooper-Trainee T.C. Fairburn. "So with the current trend of mannequin challenges, our class thought producing our own video would be a fun and productive way to get the word out there to truly help others in need."