VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Police said an officer investigated after they received word of a suspicious person on Stall Way, Sunday.

Many viewers reached out to us about a Facebook post claiming that a woman was in the area attempting to abduct children. We reached out to VBPD to ask if this situation was being investigated.

VBPD has told us that while they did investigate the claims, the case was not classified as an attempted abduction because there was no evidence to substantiate that claim.

Public Affairs Officer MPO Linda Kuehn told 13News Now "the officers look at the totality of the circumstances that were presented to them... beyond the fact of no physical attempt. The content, and context of any attempted conversation would be considered as well as other behaviors. There was no attempt to lure, entice, or attract anyone away."

MPO Kuehn says that VBPD encourages all parents to be vigilant with their children.

"We urge anyone to call us anytime there is a situation that they feel is suspicious in any way. That gives us an opportunity to collect pertinent information, and track trends if there were to be any."

There is no word on who the woman in the post was, or where she may be at this time.