HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- VDOT is monitoring the weather and are prepared for whatever hits Hampton Roads this weekend.

Crews were out Wednesday treating secondary roads in the Franklin area.

Crews also hit parts of I-64 on the peninsula.

Eight different winter weather events impacted Hampton Roads last year.

Back in November, VDOT gave us a look at how they were preparing for winter weather this season.

27,000 tons of salt and 16,000 tons of sand in stock.

VDOT's Deputy District administrator for Hampton Roads says their crews are already well-rehearsed.

But, it's not just VDOT monitoring the potential for snow this week.

Ruth Simmons owns The Virginia Store in Hampton.

Since 1992, snow in Hampton Roads usually means they lose several days of business.

“Normally people are shopping for groceries the day before the snow, they stay in for the snow, then they wait for things to melt so after the snow we don't do a lot of business,” Simmons says.

Simmons says they're open all but four days out of the year.

Last year, the snow gave them a little bit of trouble.

“Our last January was the worst January we ever had,” Simmons says. “We closed five days for snow and that makes a big difference, so that's why I always say no snow.”

VDOT's goal is to have all state-maintained roads passable within 48 hours after a winter storm ends.

Officials with VDOT say they will have a conference call Thursday morning to discuss what additional preps are needed before Friday and Saturday.