Is FEMA providing generators for people affected by Hurricane Irma?


No, this is false, certain criteria must be met for financial assistance.


Federal Emergency Management Agency


The price of generators can run upward of $1,000. And those who had to purchase one due to Hurricane Irma knocking power out are feeling the high cost.

The latest rumor circulating on social media about Hurricane Irma aftermath, is that people who bought a generator or still need one after the hurricane is will be reimbursed or provided one by FEMA.

FEMA clarified this latest report on their website, stating that it is false. However, there are instance where people with medical needs may qualify for financial assistance. The following criteria must be met:

  • Live in a declared county and it’s your primary residence.
  • Proof of purchase or rental agreement for the generator.
  • A statement from a medical provider to confirm the generator is medically necessary.

Another situation you may be eligible for financial assistance is if you owned a generator before the hurricane occurred and it caused damage to the generator. If you meet the conditions for either of these situations, click here to register.