Virginia Beach, Va (WVEC) -- Residents in the Rosemont Forest neighborhood are piling their belongings on the curb outside their homes. Couches, desks, beds and more are sitting outside homes, after Hurricane Matthew sent damaging flood waters into people's houses.

Ruth Mulero has lived in the neighborhood off Lynnhaven Parkway and said it's flooded before but never to this extent.

"It came in really quickly we didn't have time to save anything," said Mulero.

Mulero had about three feet of water in her house. She said the house is protected by insurance but her belongings are not. She said she couldn't afford the $2,100 for flood insurance to cover the contents of her home.

Some neighbors off Lynnhaven parkway are tossing their damaged belongings to the curb others have them out in their yards hoping to dry them out and save them.

Mulero hopes after all this damage, that the city takes notice and does something to fix the infrastructure in the area and clean up their neighborhoods.

"They built a pump station for us and obviously it's not working so we want them to come up with a better solution because this is not fair to us," said Mulero.

The city tells 13News Now clean up crews are working normal routes and they are in streets all over the city that have items out. The clean up works will continue in the days ahead. The city asks people to put water damaged items at the curb and they will get it as soon as we can.

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