VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC)- On Tuesday, Hurricane Maria was downgraded to a tropical storm, but was still causing problems for businesses at the oceanfront.

The storm caused strong winds, storm surge and rain, making it impossible for boats to go out on the water.

"20 miles an hour and above, it's hard for us to do anything because it's uncomfortable for people and people get sea sick," said manger of Rudee Tours Skip Feller.

The Rudee Rocket, fishing charters and dolphin tours are unfortunately not running this week, due to the storm.

"This time of the year is like the bread and butter and it's tough," Feller said. "It takes a hit on everything."

Vacationers even stopped by Tuesday afternoon to purchase tickets and couldn't, which means a loss of revenue for the business.

"Thousands and thousands of dollars," Feller explained.

After the storm, Feller is hoping business can go back to normal.

"It's not the end for us for the end of the season hopefully things will straighten out and we will have a pretty rest of the fall," he said.

Feller's plan is to continue monitoring the conditions and see if it's safe start business back up by Friday or Saturday.