This photo is getting a lot of attention on social media.

We're calling it the "Jaws Crib," and see why:

It's a baby's crib in the shape of a great white shark, coming up on a boat with the shark's mouth open.

The research team OCEARCH posted it to the Facebook page for Mary Lee, a great white shark being tracked by the researchers.

The caption says, "Creating childhood traumas... like a boss."

As for Mary Lee, the great white likes to pay regular visits to the Delmarva coast.

Here are a few quick facts about Mary Lee from OCEARCH, a non-profit group that researches great white sharks and other large apex predators:

  • Mary Lee was tagged with a tracker off Cape Cod Sept. 17, 2012.
  • She is 16 feet long.
  • Since she was tagged in 2012, she has traveled 19,365 miles from Florida to Nova Scotia.
  • She was named after a researcher's mother, after he described the shark as "Truly the most historic and legendary fish I have ever been a part of."
  • You can keep up with her adventures by following @maryleeshark on Twitter

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