NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) – The search continues for the missing Hampton mom and her 8-month-old baby Chloe. Keir and Chloe Johnson were last seen on April 30, and Thursday night the Amber Alert for the baby was canceled.

Many people on Facebook had questions as to why the Amber alert was canceled, so we asked Virginia State Police. Spokesperson Corinne Geller said the alert was canceled because it was no longer needed.

"At this point there was no new evidence that indicated that continuing it would be any benefit to the ongoing investigation," explained Geller.

Geller says an amber alert activation period usually lasts at least 12 hours, to get as much information as they can out to the public by using signs on the road and texting alerts for people to keep an eye out, but the alert can always be extended.

On May 14, Keir's car was found in Newport News, so Virginia State Police kept the amber alert up for a few more days before terminating it.

Geller said, "It was extended for seven days and eventually if it stays there it become ineffective, people move on and they are not paying that close attention and that's why there is a period that you want to keep the activation out there and alive."

The alert has been taken down, but the family continues to wait for their loved ones to return home safely.

"Unfortunately it did not produce the results we would have hoped for, which is to find the child and the mom safely."

Newport News Police are still investigating. If investigators receive more details regarding their disappearance and they meet the criteria again, another Amber Alert will be activated.