WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WVEC) -- Williamsburg's Midtown shopping district may soon get a face lift.

City leaders want to revitalize part of town.

They're focusing on the Williamsburg Shopping Center near the College of William & Mary.

The idea is to turn the area and one of the oldest shopping centers in the city into a place where people actually want to come.

Director of Economic Development in Williamsburg, Michele Mixner Dewitt, says the city's vision for midtown is pedestrian and bike friendly, more entertainment and more urban like Prince George Street in Downtown Williamsburg.

“Urban is a word council has used,” Dewitt says. “We used to be the only game in town where people shopped and now we have competition from surrounding areas.”

Broad Street Realty bought the shopping center last month for $13.3 million dollars.

Dewitt says just like downtown, they envision commercial, with businesses on the first floor, housing right above.

“The city's role is to invest and make it physically attractive,” Dewitt says.”

Ray Morman shops at the Food Lion all the time.

Has a few ideas of his own.

“If someone gets in one of these buildings and it's a good business you will attract people, depending on what it is,” Morman says.

Right now there's no timeline on when shoppers will start to see a change at the shopping center.