VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Many of the homes on Kings Point Road are still recovering from Hurricane Matthew. Many homeowners are still repairing their homes, hoping to move back in as soon as possible.

But, with snow in the forecast this weekend, work may have to come to a stop.

For Lillian Davis, it’s been months of hoping and wishing each time she drops by her house in Windsor Woods, that it'd be a home again.

"I still feel the same way today as when it happened. It's depressing,” said Davis.

Hurricane Matthew left Lillian and her neighbors devastated. Their homes were flooded and destroyed. At times, their lives were chaotic and scrambled.

Davis said she let go of the contractor she hired because little to no work has been done in three months, and it came with a price tag not worth the amount of work she’s seen done.

“I'm not exactly sure yet what we're going to do,” she said. "There's no real 'Oh my gosh! We're making headway' moment. None of that.”

Davis has tried to tackle her everyday life as normally as possible, from work to home life with her daughter.

“I decorated one room as best we could. It's still kind of decorated and we all woke up Christmas morning and had our ooh, ahh moment,” Davis told 13News Now.

She said sometimes the task at hand can be tough and with a winter storm headed to the area, she's unsure she'll be able to catch that break she's been looking for.

“I can't even think about what the storm is going to do. We had rain the other day and there was flood water starting to come up again,” she said.

Three months and seven moves, she can only hope the storm doesn't add to the devastation.

But in this neighborhood, they've been through it all.

In every sense, unity has become the fabric of this community and when the storm passes, they'll still stand together.