VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- A difficult Halloween made a little sweeter. Some Virginia Beach families hit hard by Hurricane Matthew are still rebuilding their lives. As the storm damaged their homes help is coming in the form of hot meals and Halloween treats.

For weeks, Judy Pace of Pungo has delivered hot meals to families in the Windsor Woods neighborhood. She said once she and her husband saw the devastation left behind from Hurricanee Matthew she had to do something.

"We couldn't believe at that time every single yard had mounds and mounds of everyone's personal belongings, " said Pace.

Many of the homes were badly flooded and some residents had to leave their homes because they were deemed unlivable. Pace has gotten to know the families on the block personally and the struggle they are experiencing in rebuilding their homes.

"I have a family of four that live in this pop up camper. I have a lady on the other end of the street which they all call 'MawMaw' she's doing drywall and she's in her 80's," said Pace.

Every day around noon Pace delivers and serves food to the families in this neighborhood, many of which don't have working appliances since the flooding. All the food is donated by local restaurants. Monday's lunch was donated by Brickhouse Diner in Norfolk. Pace said it's the least should could do for families in need.

"You can't go, a family of five and eat dinner, lunch and breakfast out every single day. This is a paycheck to paycheck neighborhood with a lot of senior citizens," said Pace.

Pace is always looking for restaurants that are interested in donating foods to help the flood victims. She'd like to thank the following restaurants that have donated so far.

Malbon Brothers

Brickhouse Diner

Pungo Pizza

Blue Petes - Pungo


Pungo Catering

Captain George's

Hot Tuna

China Sun

Shop Wise Meat Market