YORKTOWN, Va. (WVEC) -- It's one of their biggest events of the year.

Hundreds gathered in Yorktown Wednesday afternoon to celebrate the 235th anniversary of America's Revolutionary War victory at Yorktown.

A number of city offices and roads were closed for the day.

Sydney Fenno planned a family trip to the area weeks ago.

She and her family are from San Antonio Texas. It fact, her kids are the ones really interested in learning about the history at Yorktown.

“My kids chose to be George Washington and Betsy Ross for Halloween so we thought the best place to come to learn about it is here,” Fenno says.

It's been nearly 100 years since the first Yorktown Day, and according to park officials, the event is growing each and every year.

Kym Hall with the Colonial National Historical Park says this year’s event is quite a contrast from last year.

They're not just remembering soldiers past and present, but this year, they want to connect children to the Revolutionary War story.

“We included the schools this year so we got more of an interest from families, which increased our numbers this year,” Hall says.

As far as businesses in Yorktown, many business owners actually look forward to this one day every single year because this is when they expect to get real busy.

“I have to turn away a lot of people,” David Hornsby Bowditch says.

David Bowditch has seen his share of Yorktown Day celebrations.

He and his brother are the owners of the Hornsby House Inn, a bed and breakfast on Main Street in Yorktown.

Ever since they started their business five years ago, they always seem to be full on Yorktown Day.

“We're booked solid and the people say don't give up my room we're coming next year,” Bowditch says.

For more information about Yorktown Day, visit their web site here.