YORKTOWN, Va. (WVEC) -- Owners at a Yorktown business are trying to prevent their doors from closing for good.

Someone stole a trailer from ‘T & B Reptile Zone’ back in October.

Inside that trailer were valuable pet store supplies.

The store's manager says the loss has set them back quite a bit, and now they're trying to get back on their feet.

Store manager Felicia Fitzhugh says losing the trailer is a huge loss for their business—a nearly $7,000 loss.

The store’s owner has even had to come out of his own pocket to replace some of the items, but it's been tough.

“We had a few slower months in sales at the store, and that was a little set back since we had product that was for the store in there,” Fitzhugh says. “So it definitely set us back a bit.”

Fitzhugh says at one point they were considering closing their doors.

But, they had a change of heart, mostly because of their customers.

“We like people can come back to us for help,” Fitzhugh says. “We want them to continue to come to us.”

Fitzhugh started a GoFundMe less than a week ago asking the public for help.

Being the only pet store in York County, she understands what they mean to the community, and would hate to let their customers down by closing shop.

So, the business that's always there for the community, now needs the community to be there for them.

To help ‘T & B Reptile Zone’ visit their GoFundMe here.