HAMPTON ROADS, Va (WVEC) -- Virginia drivers who travel slowly in the highway left, passing lane could face a $250 mandatory fine.

House Bill 2201 is making its way through the State legislature right now to make it happen.

Many folks 13News Now spoke with in Virginia Beach were on board.

"Too many people driving texting and driving slow," said Roy Hill, truck driver. "The majority of all accidents with trucks are because of four-wheelers driving too slow in the fast lane."

Many drivers also said slowpokes in the fast lane make roads confusing and frustrating.

Right now, it’s against state law to go slow in the passing lane, but there’s no concrete fine.

The proposed penalty is with the intention of cutting down on violations and road rage incidents.

"If anything, I see it more often in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach," said Shakim Scott. "I really do think [a mandatory fine] would make a difference.”

Others said the penalty is harsh.

"That seems a bit excessive,” Jessica Speight said.

The bill, which is in its final stages of approval, is authored by Del. Isreal O’Quinn of Washington County.

Two Northern Virginia legislators also co-sponsor the bill.