Talk about a special delivery.

After Jedd Gyroko hit a pop up in foul territory, Cubs Shortstop Addison Russell dives into the crowd. He doesn't make the catch -- but he does kick a fan's nacho's out of his hand!

Russell is a ballplayer and it's his job to make that catch. He went hard for the ball, and inadvertently kicked a full plate of nachos right out of the hands of a Cardinals fan. Russell could have walked away and returned his focus to the game, but instead, he did this.

That is some real sportsmanship right there. We believe Russell has a bit of the Cardinal Way inside him.

But of course, the moment would not be complete without a selfie.

Jim Hayes interviewed 'Nacho Man' during the game.

"The Cardinals actually gave me the loaded nachos. ... The Cubs brought me plain nachos with a cup of cheese," Nacho Man told Hayes.