Norfolk State's Devin Hemmerich just earned his third MEAC pitcher of the week honor. Why don't they just go ahead and give him pitcher of the year already.

Hemmerich set the school record for career strikeouts on Friday. He fanned 12 batters in the Spartans win over Maryland Eastern Shore. He went 7 innings and did not allow a run. Along the way he earned his 6th straight win.

NSU's ace grew up in Norfolk and went to Granby High School before finishing his high school career at Atlantic Shores Christian. He has put on 30-35 pounds since his freshman year and his fastball now tops out around 90 mph.

Spartans coach Claudell Clark loves Hemmerich's competitive edge, "He wants the baseball. He wants to throw a complete game every time. He wants the baseball from start to finish and that's what you want out of your pitcher, old school mentality."

For Hemmerich's part, he loves being such a part of the action as a pitcher, "Just the whole game is relying on you. You come out and have a bad game and that's it. You could lose. You could win. Every play is in your hands."

To this point, the baseball has found a comfortable home in the capable hands of Devin Hemmerich.