Ardon Wiener admitted he's a novice when it comes to being the owner of a professional hockey franchise. "I'm a big sports fan and I play hockey, but I am no means an expert on recruiting or strategy. That is NOT me", he says. What he and Michael Gargy are very good at is in their words specializing "in turning around mismanaged assets regardless of what they may be."

The youthful pair are now the new owners of the Norfolk Admirals. A franchise that, since winning the Calder Championship in 2012 with the Tampa Bay Lightning, has struggle since switching affiliations to the Anaheim Ducks and now with the Edmonton Oilers of the ECHL. Wiener (27) and Gargy (25) form the Mango Media Group. It's apart of Chestnut Holdings, a family owned real estate investment and property management business based in the Bronx section of New York City. "We're bringing a young energy. Open to new ideas. We want this to work. We're hungry. This is our first sports team and we really want this to be successful", Gargy says.

They love Norfolk and their plan is to keep the team here. They do, however, caution Admirals fans to be patient. Turning things around from their perspective is more of marathon, than a sprint. As Wiener put it, "There's no quick and easy solution to the problems. We have long term focuses."