Norfolk State basketball hasn't lost a game in a month and are positioning themselves nicely for the MEAC Tournament. The Spartans have won 8 straight games.

When we talked to head coach Robert Jones before the season he suggested it might take a little while for his team to put it all together. When we interviewed him on Monday he said, "I didn't lie to you. I knew it was going to take a little bit of time to jell. All those newcomers that we had, guys that were just coming from high school basketball and junior college basketball. To a whole other level, it took a little while. I think these guys finally get it. They understand that the little things matter."

The Spartans are (12-13, 9-2) which puts them one game behind first place North Carolina Central in the MEAC standings.

About the upcoming MEAC Tournament Jones says, "Once you get to Scope, it's going to be 13 dogs going for that one bone."