NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Getting out of Florida before Hurricane Irma hits is becoming an impossible task. Flights out of the airports are booked, while gas stations are running on empty when it comes to fuel.

At the Norfolk International Airport, a couple of flights landed from Miami on Thursday.

Donna Goldstone of Boynton Beach was on one of them. She packed her parent’s car with everything she could manage to fit onto the airplane.

“Luckily my parents are retired and live here in Virginia Beach, and I couldn’t think of a more wonderful place to come home to,” said Goldstone.

Before leaving her home, she boarded up every window in anticipation for the worst Hurricane Irma has to offer. She’s just glad her kids are safe.

“The last couple of days in Florida have been very chaotic, there has been a shortage of water and there have been lines around the block for gas, and a lot of families are worried,” said Goldstone.

Her husband, who works at a hospital, stayed behind. She wishes he was here but has to stay strong for her son and daughter.

Not everyone managed to secure a plane ticket. Clarence Williams of Norfolk found out his Florida relatives won’t be walking through the terminal any time soon.

“They’re in limbo, they couldn’t get a flight out, we don’t know if they’ll come,” said Williams.

Williams is now working on a back-up plan.

“We just said they’ll drive up, it’s only an 11 hour drive,” said Williams.

Then there are those Floridians who believe they can ride out any storm.

“We had evacuation orders and I still wanted to stay, but my daughter who lives here said I have to be completely nuts and she booked me and I’m here,” said Sidney Glass of South Florida.

Then there is Tyler Friderich of Norfolk, who just wanted to return from vacation. He’s been trying to book a flight for the past two days. Miami wasn’t the fun time he was expecting.

“The whole city downtown shut down, everyone is evacuating, boarding up, putting the shutters on and getting out,” said Friderich.