NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Getting around the Commonwealth could become much easier if one non-profit has its way.

"Virginians for High Speed Rail" just released a new report. The group wants to triple the amount of passenger rail service available over the next decade, mainly by increasing the number of Amtrak trains coming in and out of Norfolk.

The report comes just after the state announced plans to bring a new train to Norfolk in 2019 and 2022.

The proposal is all about reducing congestion, cutting down on pollution, and growing the economy.

The plan would increase daily round-trip trains leaving the Norfolk Amtrak station to 11. Nine of those trains would go to Washington at about 90 miles per hour. That would cut a little more than an hour off the trip.

Another two would head to colleges like Virginia Tech and Radford University.

This map by Virginians for High Speed Rail shows what the future of travel in Virginia could look like.

Right now, we have 13 regional and national trains. Those trains connect to 21 stations.

The report notes that there are few issues that must be worked out first, mostly with timing and new technology.

Virginians for High Speed Rail - January 2018 report by 13News Now on Scribd