VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Day in and day out, drivers on Laskin Road in Virginia Beach are frustrated by the additional lanes on either side of the main road. According to the City of Virginia Beach, these feeder lanes -- and all the confusion they cause -- could soon become a thing of the past.

"People have their businesses here," said Virginia Beach resident Jon Irby. "And I certainly can understand where they are coming from, wanting to have the feeder roads eliminated."

Already a busy street, feeder lanes have created more hassle to access local businesses on Laskin Road. Because of the confusion, removing these outside lanes have become a major goal for the city.

"They are just confusing to the driver, and they do cause a lot of problems," said Phillip Pullen, the Public Works Transportation Division Manager for the City of Virginia Beach.

The department has a plan to replace the four main lanes of Laskin Road between First Colonial Road and Oriole Drive with six to eight lanes, adding outside bike paths and sidewalks. That covers about two miles of roadway.

The proposed changes to convert two miles of Laskin Road into an eight-lane divided highway is broken up into three phases.

"This project's been a long-standing urban project in the city that we've had for years, and it just has never been funded for construction," said Pullen.

Earlier this year, however, Virginia Beach Public Works submitted the project for funding from SMART scale -- a state transportation funding program -- to try to get $15 million from the state. City Council would provide an additional $14.1 million.

"Hopefully we are successful in getting it, and we can fix the feeder lanes at that time," Pullen said.

If the request is granted, funding would begin in 2018 and VDOT could begin construction as soon as 2021.

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