GLOUCESTER, Va. (WVEC) -- With the death toll reaching the hundreds in Haiti, and officials expecting those numbers to rise, local organizations know they need to send aid and send it fast.

Christians United for Haiti in Virginia Beach is planning to ship a large container with supplies within the next week. They are asking for donations that include clothes, canned goods and hygiene products.

“Haiti was still dealing with the Zika virus outbreak and Cholera outbreak. This makes matters even worse right now in Haiti. We do have schools and orphanages that we support in Haiti. We haven't heard from them. We’ve been trying to get a hold of them in that area. No news yet,” Executive Director Calherbe Monel said.

When Autumn Coxe saw the devastation on the news, she knew there was an immediate need for diapers.

“They're really going to need a fresh supply of diapers or they're going to have a lot of sick babies,” she said.

Her organization, Children's Diaper Bank, has over 25,000 cloth diapers ready to ship.

“If we could get this in the mail in the next few days, we could possibly save several thousands of babies’ lives,” she said.

Shipping them overseas is going to be extremely expensive. She's waiting for donations to come in, but knows she needs to send them before it's too late.

“There’s going to be all sorts of airborne and environmental issues at first -- at least these are fresh and ready to go over there. They can be used immediately and that will help them get through at least the first few weeks,” she said.

You can reach Children’s Diaper bank by calling 804-413-9290 or emailing To make a donation, go to

Christians United for Haiti has a drop-off site in Chesapeake. Donations can also be dropped off at the Operation Blessing storage facility at 907 Live Oak Dr. Monetary donations can be made at