VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) – From shoveling to singing, residents are making the best of their snowy situations.

“I don't mind shoveling snow. It's great,” says Kempsville resident Bradley Green.

Green spent the day removing about a foot of snow and ice from his driveway so he could get to work on Tuesday.

“Whatever melted today was going to refreeze and it was going to be a mess in the morning,” he says.

His neighbors across the street, the Niesen family, spent the day playing board games, putting together puzzles and singing.

“It's been kind of a nice slowing down for us,” says Rebekah Niesen.

Not for John Kingara Jr. who works at Waffle House.

“They don't close,” he says. “Not at all.”

To make sure of that, Waffle House even put him up in a hotel across the street from the restaurant to make sure he made it there the last few days, which he says he doesn’t mind.

“I'd rather just take a little walk across the street and keep making my money compared to risking driving out,” Kingara says.

“People are taking a lot of precautions as far as the snowy weather out there,” says Mara Nichols.

Including Nichols, who’s an Uber driver but didn’t drive the last two days. She says the extra money isn't worth the extra risk of injury to herself or car.

“Yes I could make about say, like, $500 in the last two days but then I'll have $1,000 in repairs. So no, I'd rather stay home safe than sorry,” she says.