SANDSTON, Va. (WVEC) -- The Virginia National Guard expected to stage approximately 160 soldiers in Hampton Roads Sunday to help with flooding left by Hurricane Matthew.

"Multiple localities in the Hampton Roads area are requesting high mobility transport and debris reduction capabilities, and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management requested that we stage personnel with vehicles and chainsaws in order to rapidly respond if needed," said Brig. Gen. Paul F. Griffin, director of the joint staff for the Virginia National Guard.

Guard members expected to use Humvees and light/medium tactical trucks to carry people through high water. The 4x4 light medium tactical vehicle, or LMTV, has a 2.5-ton capacity and the 6x6 medium tactical vehicle, or MTV, has a 5-ton capacity.

They also were prepared to help with debris removal.

“We ask that if anyone needs assistance because of the severe weather, that they call 911 or their local dispatcher and do not contact the Virginia National Guard directly,” Griffin said. "If you let them know you need help, they will determine what emergency services are best suited to assist you. They will contact us if it appropriate for us to take action.”

The Virginia National Guard last served on state active duty in September.

Soldiers reported to readiness centers and fire stations in the Hampton Roads and on the Eastern Shore as part of the Virginia's multi-agency response to Hurricane Hermine.