NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Are we seeing the beginning of an annual Daybreak Halloween tradition?

13News Now meteorologist Tim Pandajis says despite his appearance on Tuesday morning's Daybreak show, he promises clear skies for tonight's trick-or-treating!

The jetstream brought Tim in on a cloud for his morning forecast, where he said we'll have textbook October weather with clear, sunny skies and temperatures right in line with where they should be here on Halloween in the middle to upper 60s.

Trick-or-treating weather this evening should be perfect. Clear skies and temperatures in the middle to upper 50s!

Anchor Lucy Bustamante shot this behind-the-scenes video showing how Tim's special effects were done:

You might remember Tim's Halloween costume from last year, where he was quite the ray of sunshine:

So what meteorological event should Tim become for next year?