Did Alex Trebek call this contestant a loser?

Jeopardy's beloved host Alex Trebek may be loved a little less by at least one person.

On Wednesday night's episode, Trebek was getting to know the contestants one-on-one when Susan Cole, a legislative librarian from Maryland, said she listens to "nerd-core hip-hop", which, according to her, is a bunch of self-professed nerds rapping about things like video games, science fiction and having a hard time meeting romantic partners.

Cole called it catchy and fun.

Trebek quipped back, "Losers, in other words."

Ouch. At least she was able to play it off with a laugh and smile. Maybe she'll rap about it.

One thing she can take to the bank is the $22,000 she walked away with after mopping the floor with the competition.

Who's the loser now, Trebek?

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