It's an 'All Star' year for this YouTube star who blends popular hits with Smash Mouth lyrics

In a year where people feel that 'we could all use a little change,' the internet has become a haven for many to express their unique voices and points of view.

Some people take to the internet with their latest political rant, while others look for the next most 'pinteresting' idea.

But, YouTuber Jon Sudano found a unique way to share his musical abilities with the world -- vocal mash-ups of popular songs with the lyrics of Smash Mouth's 1999 hit 'All Star.'

'I said yep, what a concept' and so have millions of others.

Twenty million, to be exact. That's the number of channel views his page has received from its almost 426 thousand subscribers.

Sudano's creative vocal displays have hit a chord with people even a playing a role in the Christmas decor of one of his Facebook followers.

Sudano closed out the year with a Facebook post thanking his followers for their support.

"While I don't ever try to minimize some of the bigger tragedies of 2016 people have been subjected to, I'm extremely lucky to have been one of the select few that found some internet fame doing something that makes people laugh and feel better about their current predicaments, whatever they might be," Sudano wrote in the Facebook post.

His most recent installation is a vocal cover of "Today" by the Smashing Pumpkins featuring Anthony Fantano, the creator of the music review blog/vlog “The Needle Drop”:

One of his more popular videos, a vocal cover of Adelle's "Hello."

In his Facebook post, Sudano wrote that he looked forward to all 2017 had to offer and said he would see everyone where ever meemdom takes him next.

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