Tankless Water Heaters: Why You Should Make the Switch

How Tankless Systems are Different

A tankless water heater is different from a conventional storage tank water heater in many ways. The most obvious difference is the lack of a storage tank. Tankless heaters take up very little room and are ideal for small spaces or households that place storage at a premium. These systems provide hot water “on demand”. This means you save energy and money because the system kicks on once the hot water tap is opened - no more 25-50 gallon tanks of water being heated around the clock. Eliminating the storage tank means no more risk of flooding.

How Tankless Systems Work

Tankless water heaters have a surprisingly simple design and run on either gas or electric systems.  When the hot water tap is opened, the gas or electric burner turns on and cold water is pumped in from the well or city pipes. It gets heated as it passes over the burner and proceeds to the open tap. This means you never run out of hot water and only the water you need is heated. If you’ve ever been the last person in the household to shower you can appreciate the benefit of endless hot water! The only maintenance required is an annual flushing to ensure that sediment such as lime does not build up.

The Possible Drawbacks

We would be remiss to ignore the potential downside of converting to a tankless heater. The main issue is cost. Tankless heaters cost a lot more upfront to install, however they have a much longer lifespan than traditional storage tank heaters and require less maintenance. The heating element can fail or clog, but there is no risk of tank failure. When considering the switch, think about the number of gallons per minute you might need. If your household runs multiple appliances on hot water at the same time you should calculate the approximate capacity you will need at a high-volume time.

Making the Switch

Although the initial upfront cost of installing a tankless system is more expensive than a traditional storage tank water heater, the money you save over time will justify the initial investment. A recent Energy Star study estimated that a tankless system can save a household approximately $100 per year in energy costs (https://energy.gov/energysaver/tankless-or-demand-type-water-heaters).
Storage tank heaters have an average lifespan of 8-13 years, while a tankless system can easily last 20 years. A storage tank heater repair will cost an average of half the cost of a new system, meaning it would be more cost effective to replace the entire unit. These heaters are prone to corrosion and leakage. With simple annual maintenance, a tankless system will rarely need a repair.  It is highly encouraged that you seek a qualified expert to conduct a free consultation and estimate. With A-1 American, you can be confident that our experts will provide an honest, complimentary assessment based on your household’s particular needs and conditions. We are so confident in our evaluation process, that should you decide to convert your system we will offer you $250 off of your tankless system’s installation.

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