Does it Work? The Pogo Whisk

We put the "pump action" of the Pogo Whisk to the "Does it Work?" test to find out if it really is the "quickest whisk ever!"

What is it? a whisk that you push down the handle to make it spin to mix up what you want

What does it claim? that its pump action helps make itthe quickest whisk ever

Who tested it? Norfolk resident Phyllis Wiggins

What Are The Instructions? It's so easy to operate that it actually doesn't even come with instructions. Once you take it out of the box, just rinse if off with warm soapy water and you're ready to get to work. Put whatever you want to mix in a bowl and then grab your Pogo Whisk and put it in the mixture. Next, push the handle of the Pogo Whisk up and down. One pump spins the Pogo Whisk head four times. That means faster whipping, mixing, blending and frothing.

Once you're done clean up is easy. Just put some soapy water in a bowl and pump the Pogo Whisk in it a few times. Rinse it off and you're ready to go again.

Did it work? Wiggins really liked it. She actually had two Pogo Whisks that she had purchased off television. She said there are so many things to like about the Pogo Whisk she didn't know where to begin. She really likes that it's easy to use that she can hold her grandbaby in one arm and use it the Pogo Whisk with the other. The easy clean up is also a plus in her book.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Pogo Whisk for $14.99 at RiteAid.


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