Does it Work? The Anti-Steam Ove' Glove

What is it? glove designed to give you protection from heat, flame and steam.

What does it claim? to withstand extreme heat and steam up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit.

Who tested it? the manager at Elliott's Fair Grounds in Norfolk, Chris Overton.

What Are The Instructions? It's pretty simple. Purchase an Anti-Steam 'Ove'Glove' for the hand you need. We got a right handed one. Then put it on and get to work. The exterior layer of the glove is designed as a thermal insulator to slow the temperature increase in the soft double-knit cotton interior of the glove. The middle latex layer is designed to keep out hot steam and moisture. The soft cotton interior layer is for hand comfort and ease.

The Anti-Steam 'Ove'Glove' promises to dramatically extend the time you can handle a hot object in your hands. If exposed to an open flame, heat or steam, the outer layer of the glove will not catch fire or melt.

The product warns is is NOT permanent protection against fire, heat or steam and that injury can result if you do not use it properly.

Did it work Our tester was impressed. Working with steam at Elliott's Fair Grounds, Chris says he's burned himself a time or two. When he put the Anti-Steam 'Ove'Glove' on, he stuck his hand right under the steam and didn't feel a thing. He also said wearing a glove gave him more flexibility than he would with a typical mitt.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Anti-Steam 'Ove'Glove at area Walgreens stores. One glove will cost $19.99.

Additional Comments: The Anti-Steam 'Ove'Glove' is machine washable.


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