Victims of murder-suicide well-known in Chesapeake

13News Now Eric Kane reports.

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WVEC) -- The Dooleys were a family that truly made an impact. Everyone knows who they were, because the family served the community in which they lived. Some of them dedicated their lives to the spiritual well-being, education and tragically now, the safety of their city.

A photo of a happy family with smiling faces hangs above the fireplace of the Dooleys' George Washington Highway home. The joy that radiates from the picture is a stark contrast to the blue flashing lights, police officers and forensic detectives that converged on the Chesapeake neighborhood.

This is not the scene people would expect from this family, a family loved by those who knew them.

Todd Dooley devoted his life to the safety of the city, putting it on the line for more than thirty years as a Chesapeake Police officer. His death, which police say was at the hands of his son Cameron, is a tragic twist of fate after a life of service.

Todd and wife Lori had three children together. An entire family was lost in the devastating incident. The parents were murdered just a few months shy of their 30th wedding anniversary.

22-year-old Landon, who was found dead in the home on Wildwood Drive on Wednesday afternoon, can be seen grinning from a Facebook profile picture. 17-year-old Brooke, the baby of the family, smiles from pictures with both of her parents. On the Deep Creek Cheerleading page, friends write "Rest in Peace" and "You will be missed."

Photo Gallery: Chesapeake family killed in murder-suicide

Grandmother Doris was a public servant in her own right. We've learned she was a substitute teacher.

Heartbreaking words from a former coworker give an indication of just how much this family meant. Larry Stepney Jr. wrote: "I'm going to go out there not for myself, but for Todd and his family" and "Please keep the Dooley family in your prayers."

13News Now could not find any information on Cameron Dooley, other than what police told us, which is that he shot his five family members and then himself. There does not seem to be any criminal charges or court records in his past.


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