Protests demand justice in police-involved shooting

13News Now Eric Kane reports.

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Multiple demonstrations were held Friday, demanding justice for a woman killed by Virginia Beach police officers last year.

Back in September, police shot and killed Angelo Perry and India Kager after Perry allegedly opened fire on officers from inside a car driven by Kager.

Kager's baby was inside the car at the time, but was not hurt. Police say Kager was an innocent bystander who was killed in the crossfire.

Now there's a call for justice in her death.

Kager's mother, Gina Best, wants the US Department of Justice to independently investigate the case. Earlier in the week, she hand-delivered a petition to the DOJ. The online version of the petition has more than 2,600 signatures.

Best arrived in Virginia Beach from Maryland Friday morning to begin a weekend full of demonstrations.

Speaking and crying to a small gathering at Enoch Baptist Church, Best gave an emotional plea for answers. She, along with some members of the Black Lives Matter group, called police out for their lack of transparency in the wake of her daughter's death.

Photos: Mother demands justice in police-involved shooting

The Chief sent two officers to attend the meeting. They offered condolences, but Best and her supporters demanded police release the surveillance video at 7-Eleven that captured the shooting. She says the police have dragged their feet with investigating this, and she's had enough. 

"No mother should ever have to feel ignored or disregarded to the point of desperation that I have been," she said. "Because I never got a call from the police department, so much as even an apology."

The Commonwealth's Attorney is doing the criminal investigation, and won't release the video until they are done with their review.

Best tried speaking with Colin Stolle, but a spokeswoman for the prosecutor says he declined to meet without Best's attorney present. 

Best has submitted petitions for the Dept. of Justice to review the case after calling for an independent investigation.

After leaving the CA's office, Best met privately with Chief Cervera for a little more than an hour.

Best was inconsolable as she left the police headquarters, held up by loved ones as she cried openly.

"We're not interested in apologies, we just aren't," said Jerroll Sanders, a civil rights advocate who was in the meeting with Best and the Chief.



Another meeting is planned on Saturday at 9 am at Enoch Baptist Church, and then at noon, a protest is scheduled at the 7-Eleven where the deadly shooting took place, located on Lynnhaven Parkway.

Photos: India Kager Family Pictures


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