VOTER'S GUIDE: What's on the North Carolina ballot

As with every presidential election, the Republican and Democratic candidate dominate the news cycle. 

It's easy for Americans to turn on the television or check the internet to know where Trump or Clinton will be that day and what they'll be discussing. But what about the other pages of our ballot? 

While the Commander-in-Chief is regarded as the most powerful person in the world, other political candidates and referendums may have more of a direct impact on the daily lives of North Carolinians.

We have put together an overview of what will be on a North Carolinian's ballot, as well as candidates, propositions and linked references specific to the Tar Heel state.  Click here if you want to see Virginia's Voter Guide.



Note: Click on a candidate's name to access their website for more information.

Statewide Candidates:

U.S. Congress


- Richard Burr (R)

- Deborah K. Ross (D)

- Sean Haugh (L)

U.S. House of Representatives

North Carolina will elect 13 candidates to serve in the United States House, one from each of the Tar Heel state's 13 congressional districts. 

North Carolina's 1st and 3rd Congressional Districts cover the Outer Banks and northeast portions of the state.

District 1 Candidates:

- G.K Butterfield (D) - Incumbent

- H. Powell Dew Jr. (R)

- C.L. Cooke (Libertarian)

District 3 Candidates:

- Water Jones Jr. (R) - Incumbent

- Ernest Reeves (D)

As a result of a recent litigation, the congressional districts in North Carolina have changed. Look at your voter registration card or consult your local election office to find out which district you're voting in. 

To find your current U.S. House of Representative, visit the United States House of Representatives website and enter your zip code. For a list of candidates, click here.


North Carolina Governor

- Pat McCrory (R) - Incumbent

- Roy Cooper (D)

- Lon Cecil (L)


North Carolina Lieutenant Governor

- Dan Forest (R)

- Linda Coleman (D)

- Jacki Cole (L)


North Carolina Attorney General

- Buck Newton (R)

- Josh Stein (D)


North Carolina Auditor

- Chuck Stuber (R)

- Beth A. Wood (D)


North Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture

- Steve Troxler (R)

- Walter Smith (D)


North Carolina Commissioner of Insurance

- Mike Causey (R)

- Wayne Goodwin (D)


North Carolina Commissioner of Labor

- Cherie Berry (R)

- Charles Meeker (D)


North Carolina Secretary of State

- Michael LaPaglia (R)

- Elaine Marshall (D)


North Carolina Superintendent of Public Instruction

- Mark Johnson (R)

- June Atkinson (D)


North Carolina Treasurer

- Dale R. Folwell (R)

- Dan Blue III (D)


North Carolina State Senate

Representation in North Carolina State's House and Senate is determined by each district. Between all of North Carolina's districts, 88 candidates are running for state senate. 

Wondering which district you're in? The North Carolina General Assembly's website has an interactive map for users to type in their address and find their district. 

From there you can click here to see which candidates are running for your district.

According to the North Carolina General Assembly, the Outer Banks area has one district for state senate:

North Carolina State Senate - District 1

- William Cook (R) - Incumbent

- Brownie Futrell (D)


North Carolina State House of Representatives

Wondering which district you're in? The North Carolina General Assembly's website has an interactive map for users to type in their address and find their district. 

From there you can click here to see which candidates are running for your district.

The candidates for the House of Representatives on your ballot depend on where you're living and voting. Here's the districts and candidates that are running within the Outer Banks area.

North Carolina House of Representatives - District 1

- Bob Steinberg (R) - Incumbent

- Sam Davis (D)

North Carolina House of Representatives - District 6

- Beverly Boswell (R)

- Warren Judge (D)

Warren Judge passed away just days before the election. His name will remain on the ballot.


Non-Partisan Offices

North Carolina Supreme Court Associate Justice

- Michael R. (Mike) Morgan

- Robert H. (Bob) Edmunds


North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge (Stephens Seat)

- Phil Berger, Jr. (R)

- Linda Stephens (D)


North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge (Geer Seat)

- Hunter Murphy (R)

- Margaret Eagles (D)

- Donald Ray Buie (Unaffiliated)


North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge (Hunter Seat)

- Bob Hunter

- Abe Jones


North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge (Dietz Seat)

- Richard Dietz

- Vince Rozier


North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge (Zachary Seat)

- Valerie Zachary

- Rickye McKoy-Mitchell


North Carolina District Courts

The United States district courts are the general trial courts of the United Stated federal court system. 

Like the North Carolina Superior Courts, there is a district court in each county. Each federal judicial district has at least one courthouse, and many districts have more than one. Within North Carolina, there are well over 20 district courts. Here's a map of the 2016 North Carolina superior court divisions and judicial districts, courtesy of Ballotpedia

For a list of North Carolina District Court Judges and Attorneys up for election, click here.

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