Mass shootings bring fear into forefront

Elise Brown explains how mass shootings are inciting fear.

NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Mass shootings, like the one in California that ended the lives of 14 people, bring fear into the forefront.

The headline "Muslim Killers," printed on the cover of the New York Post has Hampton Roads talking.

"I think it incites ignorance," said one man. "That's the problem right now, that they're putting labels on people," added another woman.

Those labels are what some said add to fear and misunderstanding of Muslims and other people of Middle-Eastern descent. Carl Marshall said he doesn't have those thoughts himself but believes they've been around for years.

"I think they've had a similar fear of Middle-Eastern decent since 9-11 that's when it really started getting more intense, and it died down a bit over the years but now it's starting to pick back up again," said Marshall of others.

Norfolk State Professor Andrew Arroyo teaches religion and philosophy. To combat fear of others, Arroyo said it's about education.

"On what the truth is regarding somebody else's culture and their religion. And to realize that is not the cause, the person, the individual is the one who committed the act not that faith, not that culture," he said.

"It's very idiotic and ignorant to label and entire race, an entire religion, an entire group of people by the actions of a few," added Marshall.


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