New FDA-approved lice treatment now available in Hampton Roads

The makers claim the new device kills 99.2 percent of lice eggs in a single, 30-minute treatment through dehydration.

VIRGINIA BEACH -- A Suffolk mom says she has the answer to killing lice - it's called AirAlle.

The makers claim the new device kills 99.2 percent of lice eggs in a single, 30-minute treatment through dehydration.

Lickety Nit is the exclusive provider of the AirAlle treatment in Hampton Roads.

According to their website, 'This is a revolutionary alternative to treating head lice with over-the-counter toxic pesticides, chemicals, herbal lice remedies or prescription products.'

Ty Alleyne showed 13News Now how she uses the vacuum-looking machine to blow dry four-year-old Vivian Brawley's hair. Vivian agreed to help Alleyne show us how it works.

'It's actually blowing right where you need it,' Alleyne said as she aims towards the back of the hair where lice eggs love to sit.

The AirAlle blows air at 136 degrees - that is hot enough to kill lice, but cool enough for little Vivian to withstand it.

Vivian's mother, Tamara Brawley considers it her savior after it killed and her removed her older daughter's lice a few months ago.

'I saw it it dehydrate the lice and they just all fell out,' Brawley described.

For $180, Alleyne guarantees your kids can go back to school the next day; certificate for school nurse included.

Brawley says it's worth every penny.

'At first, when you hear the $180, you're like, 'Wow!' Because I buy the bottle of shampoo for like $35. If a bottle of shampoo will do it for you, but I had to use six and still didn't do it for me,' Brawley said.

Alleyne discovered the technology when she thought her own daughter had lice. Taylor has an autoimmune disease called adrenal deficiencies and can't have strong chemicals on her skin.

Alleyne, who is a registered nurse, researched studies in the Journal of Pediatrics and looked for possible natural, chemical free cures for killing lice. She learned that heat - at a consistent level - could dehydrate lice. Wondering how she could invent her own device, she found Larada Sciences and a device that did exactly that. It went by a different name at the time.

Recently, the FDA approved the device and they changed the name to the AirAlle. She leased the machine and owns the sole contract for all seven cities in Hampton Roads.

Alleyne treats about 10 cases a week - most of them are in Virginia Beach. This week most of her cases are in the Kempsville area. She plans to open a storefront this summer in Virginia Beach.

Alleyne believes more parents will want to use the device as soon as they learn of the technology and not having to deal with three-hour treatments that may or may not work.

'We've had parents try and fight it for months,' Alleyne said.

Right now, Alleyne drives to your home in an unmarked car to spare your child and home the embarrassment, but she wishes she could convince parents of one thing.

'Having lice doesn't mean you are dirty. Lice love clean hair.'


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