'Plane-car' on I-95 mistaken for real thing

STAFFORD, Va. (WUSA9) -- A Facebook user may have figured out why Virginia State Police were called out to I-95 for a report of a plane on the highway.

On Monday, several people called police about a plane on the highway near exit 145 in Stafford. Police eventually checked it out and searched the area, but found no plane.

A reader of InsideNova pointed out on their Facebook page that the "plane" looked like a car belonging to a man known as "SpeedyCop".

SpeedyCop, whose real name is Jeff Bloch, has been building out-of-left-field cars for years. Bloch is a D.C. Police Officer, and dreams of being a reality car show star.

Bloch and his friends spent 1500 hours mashing up a 50 year old Cessna prop plane and a 1987 Toyota van, so he can tool around and freak people out. "The drivers look over, their eyes get big, and they're like, 'Oh my God, the plane is passing me!"

Bloch calls the plane-car the Spirit of Lemons. "I get a natural high out of just life and just doing things," Bloch said.

Beyond the plane-car, some of SpeedyCop's other specialty vehicles include an upside down Camaro race car and a truck converted into a bowling alley. Bloch once put two V8s in a Lincoln Continental and cut apart a Honda Accord to create something he calls a Honda Accordion. It plays music from a keyboard on the hood.

"They just come to me," says Bloch of his out of left field visionary creations. And he has ideas for many more.

Bloch has refused to sell the airplane car. It gets 30 miles to the gallon, races up to 100 miles an hour, corners great -- but does not fly. "If it has four wheels and an engine, or two wheels and an engine, I just want to race it," Bloch said.


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