What is it? a feeding dish that houses two bowls, one for food and one for water. It also has protective walls and a reservoir that keep the food and water from spilling onto the floor.

What does it claim? to be a kick proof, spill proof feeding system that is also more sanitary and comfortable for your pet.

Who tested it? Judy Wright, who is the Southeastern Virginia Representative of Dachshund Rescue of North America, Inc.

What Are The Instructions? There's no assembly required. You just place the upper reservoir on the lower reservoir and you're ready to go. The front wall is contoured towards the bowls. The lower reservoir has an archway to allow pets to comfortably reach bowls.

If food spills out of the bowl onto the filtered area, you can easily put it back inside. If water spills out of the bowl, it will be caught in the reservoir area below and not on your floor.

Leg extensions can be purchased separately and are easy to install to your Neater Feeder.

The makers of it say the optional leg extensions will raise the height of the elevated feeding position to accommodate any size pet.

Did it work ? Our tester thought it did a good job. She has a few dogs, so it was a little difficult to test. As soon as she put the food and water out, all of them came running. Even with all of them trying to get to the food and water, it did not cause any spills, so that was good. She didn't think it was cost effective for her to buy four of these bowls for dogs. She said she would rather just save the money and keep cleaning up the spills.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the small Neater Feeder for $39.99 at Petco. The larger one runs $59.99.

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