Bank of America is dealing with a major accounting error. Turns out the nation's second-largest bank actually has $4 billion less capital. The Federal Reserve forced the bank to shelve buyback and a planned increase in its quarterly dividend after learning of the mistake. This is the latest mishap for the bank as it struggles to overcome the shadow of the financial crisis.

California's loss is Texas' gain. Toyota's relocating its U.S. headquarters from California to Plano, Texas. That's about 25 miles north of Dallas. This new location is said to be environmentally-friendly. Toyota hopes the move will improve communication between units now spread across several states.

Frontier Airlines passengers will soon be paying extra for carry-on bags and there will now be a fee for assigned seats, too. That's the bad news. The good news the low-cost carrier is cutting the average price of its economy fare by 12%.

After more than 700,000 miles without a single accident, Google is calling its driverless car program a success. Now the company will focus on improving the car's ability to merge, turn right on red and drive in hazardous conditions.

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