HAMPTON -- The City of Hampton has a new title to hang on signs and plaster across city brochures: All-America City.

City leaders, staff and volunteers traveled to Denver to compete in the finals of the competition in June. It was one of ten All-America Cities out of 25 finalists.

'It's something we can say to citizens, 'You are a part of this',' said city spokeswoman Robin McCormick. 'This is not an award the government won. This is an award that came to nonprofits, volunteers, churches, businesses, everybody working together.'

While McCormick compared the honor to being a football team that wins the Super Bowl or a movie that receives an Academy Award, she could not point to any direct benefit residents of Hampton get from living in an All-America City.

Tonight at 6 p.m. on 13News Now, find out how much city leaders spent sending a 22-person contingent to the competition and hear from a City of Portsmouth spokeswoman who said the city's investment in the competition was well worth it, even though the city didn't win.


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