NORFOLK -- 88 Norfolk police officers are threatening to sue the city, claiming they didn't get the raises they were promised.

They say the raise was supposed to be automatic after they'd been on the force a year, but the money never showed up in their paychecks.

The new officers were hired at $41,672 a year, according to a page on the city Website that's been taken down.A cost of living raise was to kick inafter 12 months.

'Everyone in this situation has met all of the criteria, but they changed the compensation plan at a whim,' contends Randy Brann with the International Brotherhood of Police.

City officials say the budget doesn't have moneyfor raises for any employee this year.

Vice Mayor Anthony Burfoot thinks fundscan be found.

'I'm gonna use every influence I have to ensure that were gonna find this money. I was able to do this before and we can pencil a little bit and get through this year,' he said.

The officers say they won't file if the raises are granted, but, for now, they're expecting to file the lawsuit next week.

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