What is it? A harness that is made of soft, strong mesh with an airflow design that is also adjustable and comes with a matching five foot leash.

What does it claim? To be world's most comfortable harness!

Who tested it? Michelle Williams with the Norfolk SPCA and Pearl, a Boston Terrier mix, who came here from a shelter in Mississippi after floods caused problems there.

What are the instructions? Basically all you need to do is put your dog's legs through the two holes in the Comfy Control Harness. Attach the Velcro to hold it together at the top around the dogs neck, then buckle it into place and attach the leash. Now you're ready to take your dog for a walk instead of your dog taking you for a walk.

Did it work? Our tester thought it did a pretty good job. Pearl is usually walked with a collar and leash. But since she's not use to walking with folks around here, she often tries to dart off in different directions.

With the Comfy Control Harness on the dog, Michelle has more control over where they go. Plus Pearl is not coughing or choking herself by pulling in different directions.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Comfy Control Harness at Bed Bath and Beyond for about $10. The store where we purchased it carries it in small and medium size.

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