PORTSMOUTH -- Parents of a Portsmouth high school student are angry their daughter was sent home for wearing leggings with her dress.

Brittany Robinson's parents say they advised her to wear them Monday as extra coverage.

They say I. C. Norcomstaff determined the leggings were inappropriate and she was placed on in-school suspension until her mom could come pick her up.

According to the girl's mother Becky Robinson, the principal said to her, 'I'd rather your daughter be able to focus on her studies. Sitting in her undergarments she can't really focus on her studies and neither can the other children in the class.'

Robinson said she told her daughter to take off the leggings and just wear the dress, but she said the principal advised it would be best for Brittany to go home and start fresh Tuesday because her dress had wrinkled up in the back.

As a result, Brittany missed a history test review and felt unprepared for today's test, her mother stated. History is the only class Robinson needs to graduate.

Norcom's dress code handbook bans nylons, stretch pants, biker shorts and other pieces of clothing that show ones undergarments. It also advises parents to use discretion with regard to their child's clothing.

Robinson said she was told by the principal that leggings are now considered an undergarment.

According to a Portsmouth Schools spokesperson, dress codes and decisions about student clothing are left to the discretion of faculty at each school.

Click to see the school's Dress Code Policy.

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