NEWPORT NEWS--A new piece of public art is grabbing a lot of attention in Newport News.

The sculpture, unveiled Thursday, is called 'handshake' and is located in the roundabout on Thimble Shoals Boulevard and Town Center Drive.

The piece is the sixteenth piece of public art commissioned by the Newport News Public Art Foundation.

Bobby Freeman chairs the group and says he believes public art is important.

'It's important to a city's identity and spirit,' Freeman said.

Some people might say the sculpture isn't beautiful. Artist Gunther Stilling says that's okay.

'I hope it's not beautiful. It hope it's interesting. When it's interesting it's like a man and woman. When they are interesting, they are attractive. It's not that important that they look good. It's important they are interesting,' Stilling said.

The foundation will unveil two more pieces of public art later this year. Eight other pieces are in the works.

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