SMITHFIELD-It was a crime of opportunity - one a man in Smithfield couldn't resist.

Police say a woman left her wallet in her car after she pulled up to the gas pumps at the 7-Eleven in the 600 block of W. Main Street. She took her young daughter with her inside the store.

It was around 12:30 p.m. Monday when another car pulled up to the pumps, too.

'Someone saw the car pulled up and watched as a man opened the other car's door and grab the wallet,' Col. A. Howell told

The driver took off while the woman was still in the store.

The video shows the woman with her child in her arms walking out. That's when someone calls her over to say someone had gone in the car.

Col. Howell says Smtihfield Police are looking at store surveillance video as part of the investigation. So far, the only description of the suspect is that he's black, around 6 feet tall and was wearing a black hoodie. He was driving a burgundy Toyota Camry with Virginia plates, Howell added.

Anyone with information about this larceny can call the Smithfield Police Dept.

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