VIRGINIA BEACH-Virginia Beach man is being sued by the Virginia Department of Transportation to get part of the money they paid him for his land.

A few years ago, VDOT took part of Jim Ramsey's property on Fair Lady Road to make an Interstate ramp to London Bridge Road. The land, he says, has been in his family for about 100 years.

'I had a pecan tree and some grape vines, you know, a few trees like that. They took all those down cleared the land and built the road,' he said.

Ramsey says VDOT put $250,000 in an escrow account for the land. Ramsey says he didn't like the offer, but he accepted it.

Now, VDOT wants $160,00 of that back, saying the land is worth just $90,000.

Ramsey doesn't have the money.

'As soon as we drew the money they offered to start with, we went ahead and invested so I don't have that money,' he says.

The case goes to court in February.

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