Heads up if you have Yahoo mail. Your account may have been hacked. The tech company says user names and passwords were stolen in a coordinated cyber-attack, but it's not saying how many accounts were hacked or when the attack occurred. The world's second largest e-mail provider is in the process of notifying users.

It's not burgers but coffee that McDonald's seems to be making a top priority. An internal McDonald's memo calls on its franchises to deliver a great cup of coffee. This after admitting earlier this month that Starbucks is winning 'the coffee wars.' This year, coffee sales are set to outpace fast food sales.

Hoping to go out next Friday but don't have a babysitter? Olive Garden may be able to help out.You can drop your kids off at certain 'My Gym' locations, have dinner at Olive Garden and bring your receipt back with you to My Gym. When you do, you'll get your kids and your deposit back.

How does a chicken and waffle sandwich sound to you? Burger King is testing it out in some regions across the country. The company isn't sure at this point if the test will go nationwide.

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