What is it? a paint bucket that you can turn sideways even upside down and the paint won't spill.

What does it claim? to be the 'first ever spill-proof bucket!'

Who tested it? Two veteran painters with Clements Painting and Wallpapering, Eric Lamson and Patty Riefer

What Are The Instructions? To get started you first need to remove the yellow lid from the Spill Daddy bucket. Then if you choose to you can insert a liner before filling your Spill Daddy with paint. The liner will make clean up a lot quicker and easier. Be sure as you fill it with paint to only do so to the internal depth indicator line. If you fill beyond the depth indicator spilling may occur.

Next replace the yellow lid and push down firmly to lock it into position. Now all you need to do is dip your brush into the pail and wipe any excess paint on the inner collar. When you do that you'll be creating a blade-like edge. Now you're ready to paint. If you accidentally kick over your Spill Daddy bucket in the process of painting you don't need to worry because it won't spill.

Did it work? Our testers were very impressed that you could put paint in a can and turn it upside down without having it drip. Although when we first tried to fill the Spill Daddy bucket using the liners that are included, we did find that is spilled some. So while the liners made clean up easier they defeated the purpose of using the Spill Daddy in the first place. Once we tried it without the liner we had success.

Cost/Availability? You can purchase the Spill Daddy for $19.88 at area Walmart stores.

Additional Comments:

Two liners come with your Spill Daddy but additional ones can be ordered. If you use them with the product you clean up will be a lot easier. You can just remove your liner and toss it or save your paint for another day. But when our testers used the liners they found the Spill Daddy wasn't spill proof.

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