NORFOLK--Hampton Roads is getting its first taste of winter precipitation this weekend. People in Norfolk prepared a little bit for snow Saturday.

Snow started falling before 6:00 PM, but some folks were hitting the stores early.

Night-time temperatures below freezing could create the potential for icy conditions, particularly on ramps, bridges and overpasses.

The frigid temperatures combined with wet roads could cause icy driving conditions through Sunday morning.

VDOT says crews will continue to monitor road conditions and treat the roads as necessary with salt to melt ice and snow.

The City of Norfolk said that six work cres are treating bridges in the city with a salt/sand mix. Additional crews will be called in as needed.

VDOT says that although roads are being treated, motorists should continue to be cautious of icy conditions, especially on ramps, bridges and overpasses. They offered these winter driving tips:

Make sure your vehicle is winter ready.

Keep an emergency driving kit in your car and wear your seatbelt.

Keep a safe distance of at least five seconds behind other vehicles.

Be aware of potentially icy areas such as shady spots and bridges.

When driving on ice, don't slam on your brakes. Tap your breaks gently. Turn slowly. Sudden changes can cause your car to spin out of control.

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