What is it? reusable sticky roller that has 'built-in rubber fingers' and can be used for lint, pet hair, crumbs, cat litter, cobwebs and much more.

What does it claim? To be the reusable Sticky Picker Upper! The patented rubber fingers reach deep into carpets to pull pet hair and dirt to the surface.

Who tested it? Chesapeake resident Cindy Thornberg

What Are The Instructions? Begin by removing the clear storage cover from the Sticky Buddy. Next, pull and remove the clear protective film from the yellow roller. Now you're ready to use it. Just roll Sticky Buddy over the area you need to clean. Once you're done, rinse it in luke warm water to get Sticky Buddy ready to roll again. Some light rubbing may be necessary. Shake dry the Sticky Buddy or use a lint-free towel. Once it's thoroughly dry, replace the clear storage cover and store your Sticky Buddy in a cool dry place so it's ready whenever you need it.

Did it work? Thornberg was very impressed. She couldn't believe how much cat hair it got off of her and once it was rinsed off, it just kept working. She really like the fact that it's reusable so she doesn't run out of paper like other lint rollers. She also was impressed with how much hair the 'built-in rubber fingers' were able to get out of her carpet. The hair was deep down and she didn't even know they were there. She says Sticky Buddy is something she plans to purchase.

Cost/Availability? We purchased our Sticky Buddy at Target for $10.99.

Additional Comments: Do not use Sticky Buddy on painted surfaces, wallpaper, or surfaces that might chip off.

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